Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I don’t know if read a lot of YA but even if you don’t, I think that you may have heard about this. This book was published earlier this year and it received so much hype the moment it was released that it was insane. However some months later, it received a lot of mixed reviews from people I trust. Some loved it and other found it completely unoriginal. I had to read it to know where I’ll stand.

This story follows a young teenage girl named Mare Barrow, she is a Red which means that she has red blood and in her world, it means that she is a lowcaste. The powerful people in her world are the Silvers because they have silver blood which allows them to have supernatural abilities. Some can controle nature, water, fire, metals etc… Everyone knows that only the Silvers have those abilities… except they don’t.

Indeed our dear Mare, even if she has red blood, can control electricity and that’s not suppose to happen. I am going to leave this here so it doesn’t get to spoilery.

So where do I stand with Red Queen ?

Pretty much nowhere. I am perfectly in the middle ! I liked this book, not a lot but it was really entertaining enough. The beginning really impressed me but then some elements annoyed me and I wasn’t as interested in the story. The writing style is good, in YA, it is usually simple but here, Aveyard’s prose created some really atmospheric moments.

However I did have some echues with it. First of the worldbuilding and the pacing weren’t that good. We didn’t look a whole lot about the origins of the Silvers and how they ruled the world, some parts and characters growth were rushed which made some relationship completely unbelievable even though they could have been great like for example the ralationship between Mare and her teacher Julian. We were supposed to believe that they were great friends even if we did not have real moments to prove it… Also I felt like some parts of this world lacked of logic.

For example, Aveyard create a society which is more or less based in the future but that still has medieval elements. Let me explain, some battles were fought with swords and the society was divided in houses where everyone dressed in gowns and old suits even though, they used computer, blood data-base, camera surveillance etc… Of course.

The other thing that threw me off was the love triangle which wasn’t even a triangle at this point but more of love “diamond”, I mean I don’t know how you called it anymore when you have three boys for a girl. And what girl… Mare was not the most loveable character of them all. She made the stupidest decisions and never seems to gain neurons during the book !

However, this book was really fun to read. Even if the story was a bit predictable at places, once you started it, you never wanted to put it down. If you wan’t something quick to read that will make you smile fondly and roll you eyes in front of YA tropes, I will probably recommend this to you ! 😛

Will I continue on with this ?

Yes why not ? It was really fun and the ending intrigued me enough.

My rating :


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