The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian follows Mark Watney, one of the first astronaut to walk on Earth but also probably to die there… After a huge accident caused by a dust storm, his crewmates think that he’s dead and take off without him. He is now alone on Mars with a very limited ammount of food, water and oxygen supply, and Ares 4, the next mission to Mars is planned to arrive in… four years.

I am not the biggest science fiction reader even though I love science, (I want to be an engineer and I am a huge fan of physics). I am always afraid that the books that I’ll read won’t be accurate or that I won’t understand them so… I don’t read them. Which, I know by th way, is completely stupid. 😉

All of this to say that even if The Martain was not 100% accurate (a dust storm of this magnitude can’t happen on Mars because of its thin atmosphere), the book was great at making you believe and understand cool concepts simply yet really accurately.

Also, this book was funny. Not at all what you could expect about a story of man stranded on Mars ! At some parts, I was laughing at loud. At one moment, I was in the métro, and I had to force myself to supress a huge laugh (which rarely happen when I read a book, I can giggle but I don’t usually laugh this loud 😛 ). Mark Watney has now become one of my favorite book character ever and I kind of want to become his best friend.

I watched the movie just after finishing the book and it was great. I am a little bit disappointed that certain scientific aspect of the story were left out, but otherwise, it was really fun ! 🙂



Have you read this book ? Have you seen the movie ? (Or both ?)

What do you think ?

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