2016 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone ! 😀

Not gonna lie, I am not the biggest believers in New Years resolutions at all. I think that if you want to do something you may as well start now and not the first of the year, I mean I created this blog back in August, not in January 😉

Anyway, this year I thought that, since I had a few things that I wanted to change about my reading habits, it might be fun to try with really easy challenges for myself. So here they are :

  • I would like to stop being so irrational about not DNFing books. This year I would like to stop forcing myself to finish a book that I don’t enjoy. As I said on my last post, life is too short for bad books !


  • I would like to read a lot more books on my Kindle and to buy  mostly in physical form copies of books that I already read (as ebooks) and know that I loved. I know for sure that I am not going to completely stop buying physical books that I have not read but hopefully at least it will influence a little the way I buy books !



  • Finally, I would like to finish/get caught up on more book series.


Voila. That’s all my 2016 bookish resolutions of they year. Nothing too hard here so I hope I can follow them until the end of the year !




6 thoughts on “2016 Bookish Resolutions

  1. Good luck on your resolutions! And I need to adopt the same one regarding DNFing books. No matter how hard I try to tell myself life is too short for bad books though, it’s just so hard! Maybe this year will be the year I finally let go of my irrationality too. Happy 2016!


    • Thanks 🙂 Yes, It is pretty hard, sometimes you just want to persevere with books because sometimes they improve after a couple of chapters and that’s a shame to drop them. Usually though, they don’t and at the end you feel like you just lost your time for nothing…
      Happy New Year to you too ! 😀


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