Best Books of 2015

2015 is now over which means that it is the time to see what I read this year and what stood out the most for me.

I read 119 things this year including 109 novels, 6 comics/graphic novels and 4 short stories. I read a lot of great books so it was quite difficult to narrow down my selection but here are my favorite books of the year.

 The first book mentionned kind of an honorable mention and the last is my favorite book of the year. Except for those two, I did not rank them because I couldn’t find a pertinent order. So here are my completely random categories :





It did no expect to enjoy this book at all, I picked it up on a whim because everyone was reading it and seems to love this. I was prepared for an horrible cheesy YA romance with no worlbuilding and flat characters and… yes it was a bit cheesy at timesbut in a way that I found myself enjoying quite a lot. Otherwise, both the writing and the worldbuilding were very good, the characters were multidimentional and really interesting to read abouut.  I would not recommend this to everyone but I personally loved it.

Let’s continue now with the books that joined my favorite shelf onGoodreads. The Wrath &  the Dawn was a really great read, but I can’t really compare it to the rest of this list.




The only book I’ve ever read that me  cry. I don’t know if I ever read something as clever and heartbreacking before.


I am already rereading it so a review should be coming soon. This pure genius in my opinion. I am definitely going to reread this again and again in the years to come.


The book with the most mindblowing ending


This book made me so anxious that at several times, I had to put it down to avoid panick attacks. Yep. Never happened before. You can read my review of it here.


The book that made me struggle to keep a straight face in the Metro while reading it. I swear that I never tried this hard before to contain my laughter while reading a book. Also now I kind of want to be an astronaut.


I know the name of this category makes no sense but if you have read the book, you will be able to understand I think. Review available here.



The books that were everything I ever wanted in a fantasy book

Those two books are very different yet they both fall on the same categories for various reasons. The first one because it was a perfect blend of Egyptian like culture, wonderful worldbuilding, great female characters, magic and just dose of romance. It was the book by Jemisin that convince me to read all of her novels this year. For Providence of Fire, if you want to know why I loved it you can check out my review of it here 🙂



The book that was so good that it took me a week to read because I did not want it to end. Ever.


My admiration for N.K. Jemisin knows no end. Please read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

The books/series that showed me what the word ‘Epic’ really meant

Basically all the books I managed to read of the Malazan Book of the Fallen this year (the first five), I just wanted to highlight my two favorites, I cannot choose between the both of them.

My favorite book of 2015


“I believe that if you swore an oath to a lord in a porcelain mask, and if that lord told you that the sun was black, you would walk blind in summer light.”

I am in love with this book. I don’t really know why I like it so much, I try to review it here but it is much more a collection of quotes than a real review.

So those are all the books that made me 2015, what about yours ? Was 2015 a good (or great?) reading month for you ?

8 thoughts on “Best Books of 2015

    1. I can’t recommend both of those books enough 😀
      Hyperion was my first Simmons book and I can’t wait to read all of his books, I won’t read all of them this year that’s for sure but I would like to finish the Hyperion Cantos.
      As for Jemisin, she definitely is one of my favorite author, I will buy everything she published immediatly. I’ve read all of her novels currently out in 2015 and it was amazing 😀


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