Friday Reads 19.02.2016

I haven’t posted a load of reviews this week because I am moving out and I need to to a lot of cleaning and other unpleasant things. Because of that I have only managed to finish a book this week, Europe at Midnight by Dave Hutchinson and its review should be up tomorrow (when I’ll stop being lazy and finish it hehe). Anyway, I’m reading four books at the moment and I hope to finish at least one this week-end.

Yesterday, I went to Gibert Joseph (a very big used bookstore in France) for one of my last days in Paris and I found a copy of By Light Alone by Adam Roberts. I’ve heard great things about his books (I’ve read his Hobbit’s parody called The Soddit some years ago but I learned recently that it was one of his books since its written under a pen name). Anyway, the synopsis sounded interesting and it was cheap enough for me to buy and still eat something for lunch so I picked it up. I started it in the subway and I am now about 40% in and I am really enjoying! It’s about the consequences of turning people into photosynthetic organism on economy and society and the ideas are pretty cool.


I’m also a third into Morning Star and even if I am enjoying it when I’m reading it, I always want to read other books. I don’t know why, maybe because, in my heart, I don’t want this trilogy to end or maybe it’s just that I am not in the mood for it.


The third book I’m reading is Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, the second book in the Outlander series. I’m over halfway through and I am liking it. I picked it up after I finished Europe at Midnight because I was a little burn out on SFF and I needed something completely different. I have to say that I like Dragonfly a little more than Outlander since it’s not as focused on romance as the first one but a little more on history. I don’t mind the romance but usually, I like my books to have more “substance” that just romance.


The fourth book I’m reading is Anathem by Neal Stephenson and I’m definitely NOT going to finish it this week-end. I am struggling a lot with it and I may end up DNFing to try it another time.


What about you? What are you reading this week end?

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