Morning Star by Pierce Brown


This review is spoiler-free.

Morning Star is the third and final book in the Red Rising trilogy. Needless to say, my expectations were very high since I gave the first two books of this trilogy 5 stars.

Well, Morning Star was an epic conclusion to an epic series.

Morning Star takes place just after the explosive conclusion of Golden Son (I am not going to say more than that but, if you read Golden Son, you know what I mean :P). Brown dives deep into action right at the beginning and you probably won’t have the chance to be bored while reading it.

Indeed, this book was for me a very good combination of the action of Red Rising mixed with the politics of the second book and it kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. Morning Star is full of twists and turns, betraying, deaths, torture, bllod and all that fun stuff which made the previous books awesome so basically, if you don’ have a strong stomach and/or you are in the mood for a sweet and nice read, I wouldn’t especially recommend it. πŸ˜‰

However, if you love Game of Thrones and space opera, this trilogy is made for you.

Seriously, read it. It won’t be a waste of time.

As you may have guessed by now, I really, really enjoyed it, but I have to admit that I had two tiny problems with it.

First of all, I wasn’t really in the right mood for it. Because I was afraid to be spoiled for the ending, I decided to begin Morning Star almost on the day of its release but, I started it just after finishing Europe in Autumn by Dave Hitchinson and, the only thing that I wanted to read at this moment was its sequel, Europe at Midnight so I stopped reading Morning Star and after that, every time I picked it up back again, I couldn’t read more than a couple of pages in one go. It lasted for more than two weeks but, when I was finally over my reading slump, I devoured it and I am glad that I did not gave up on it. However, it did affect my enjoyment of the book because I kind of force myself to read the first quarter of it.

My second problem with it was that, even if I really admire Pierce Brown, I love his writing style and his characters, because of what he did in some of the previous books (especially in Golden Son), a lot of his twists did not surprised me as much as they ought to. I mean, I did not exactly see them coming but, when they did come, I was like Β “oh okay, yes, I can see why you are doing this” and because of that, they did not impact me as much as I would have liked. Because of this, I can’t bring myself to give 5* to this book, it was very good but maybe not as mindblowing as the first two books.

(I would still highly recommend those books though.)


6 thoughts on “Morning Star by Pierce Brown

  1. 100% agreed with this review. I also enjoyed Morningstar, but perhaps I learned too well from Brown’s playbook. The “twists” were kind of predictable this time around. When I wrote my review, it was so hard to explain without talking about spoilers! But know exactly what you’re talking about.


  2. Since I enjoyed the first book in this series, I kept the second one on the back burner, so to speak, until the final volume was out, and it turned out it was a good choice – otherwise the cliffhanger ending would have killed me… πŸ™‚ So I’m happy to know that the trilogy ends on a high note, and soon enough I will know for myself!


    1. I think that for a trilogy like this, it is indeed a good idea to wait until the third comes out because, the ending of Golden Son made it extremely hard to wait. I read it back in December so I didn’t have to wait that long but still, I would have very much enjoyed to read Morningstar the moment I finished Golden Son! πŸ™‚
      I look forwatd to your thoughts!


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