November Wrap-Up and December Reading Plans

November is over which means that December is upon us and that 2016 is close to an end! November was a pretty terrible month, (and I won’t even talk about the American elections…) I had a ton of exams which was very stressful and I completely failed a math test because of a panic attack (and it’s not like maths were important when you are in an engineering school…) so I am going to have to work extra hard if I want to pass which is an extra pressure I did not need because I am usually very stressed out anyway.

Moreover, I didn’t have the best reading month, most of what I read were three stars and Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson was definitely not the right book for me to read right now so I am going to put it aside for now. It’s very good but incredibly depressing and I really do not need this just now. Anyway, here are the things I read this month!

  • Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel ★★ 1/2
  • Arkwright by Allen Steele ★★★
  • Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson ★★★
  • Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes ★★★
  • Interzone #266 ★★★★


Favorite Read of the Month



Interzone is my favorite SF magazine without a doubt, their stories are amazing and I always manage to discover some new great authors in each of their issue. I will review this asap!

Currently Reading and December Reading Plans

I am currently reading several books at the same time and I don’t seem to make any kind of progress on any of them except for Dracula by Bram Stocker that I’ve never read before, it feels very old but it’s funny to see how it compares with the “modern vampire”. I don’t know what I’ll be picking up next month but it will probably be lighter reads or rereads, I really want to have a good reading month and finish 2016 with some very good books! 😉

How was your month ?

9 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up and December Reading Plans

  1. Ah, so your next few reviews will be surprises then, I like that! December is pretty much up in the air for me too, since I’m treating it as a catch-up month so I am loving the increased freedom to simply pick up whatever I feel like reading amidst my giant backlog.


  2. Three-stars books are not bad at all, from my point of view: it means there was either potential (if it’s a new author) or that I might try something else from that writer, because his/her work piqued my curiosity. So I don’t think it was such a bad month for you… 🙂

    My best wishes for your exam: keep the faith and you will breeze through!

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    1. That’s true, if I give a book three stars it’s because I enjoyed them but I always like to read a couple books that are above the “I liked it” feel, but it’s true that I could have a really bad reading month and it wasn’t the case, I guess it’s just that when you have a bad month everything seems bad when it’s not really the case! ^^ Thanks a lot, I also hope that with a lot of work it’s going to be okay, I just need to breathe and relax !

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  3. I loved Dracula, and it’s one of those books I’d like to reread at some point. I hope your exams are over soon and you can relax again! That does sound stressful. Good luck with finding some great reads this month:-)

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    1. So far, it’s very good, hopefully the other books I’ll be reading will be as well! 😀
      My midterms just ended but final are at the beginning of January which means that the holidays are going to be pretty bleak, but oh well, I will be with my family so that’s good! ^^


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