T5W: 2017 Goals


Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and  is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes if you want to know a little bit more about them you can check the Goodreads group here

I was planning to do this post anyway but when I saw it was a Top 5 Wednesday topic I decided to wait a few days to do so! 😉

Since I failed in most of my 2016 reading goals, I decided to do easier ones for once and ones that I might actually have a chance to complete!

Request less books on Netgalley

This one might be the hardest goal on this list, I love Netgalley, it’s a great website but, sometimes, when you see too many of your most anticipated books, it’s impossible not to click on the “request” button. It’s not that I don’t like receiving books for free (because I love it!) but sometimes it can really put pressure on my shoulders to read them as soon as possible and reading shouldn’t be stressing. So this year, I’ll try to think a bit more about the books before requesting everything on Netgalley! 😛


Post at least once a week

This one is a fairly easy goal to follow but still, I still missed a couple of weeks last year and I would like to be more consistent with this blog this year!


Read for fun, if I don’t like a book, I should just put it aside

So DNF more books basically. It was one of my resolutions last year and, even if I did DNF more books, I still forced myself to finish a couple of books and I really don’t want to do that in 2017. I have a ton of books on my shelves and on my Kindle so why should I waste times on things I just don’t like?


Continue to only buy physical copies of books I have already read and really enjoyed

I had the same goal last year and even if it’s true that I have not buy as many physical copies of books I had not previously read, I still bought a few. I don’t mind paying for a book twice (for an ebook and then for a physical copy) because if I do, it means that I really enjoyed it and that I really want to support the author. I really want my shelves to represent who am I as a reader and I don’t like having book taking up space if I don’t know if I will like them or not. Also, since now I mostly read on my Kindle, I have less chances to start a book that I only have on my physical TBR.


Track all the short stories I read

I read a bunch of short stories last year (at least 150) but I can’t give you the full number because… I didn’t track most of what I read at all… It’s a bit dumb because sometimes, I don’t realize if a story I read was by a new-to-me author or by someone I am supposed to know (for example I realized recently that I’ve read a couple of short stories by Rich Larson, I liked them all and everytime I finished one of I was like “oh I like this author, I should read other stories by him, I’m glad I discovered his works” when I didn’t because I already read three stories by him… Anyway, it’s not an awful problem but it’s still frustrating!


Do you have any reading goals for 2017? 🙂

10 thoughts on “T5W: 2017 Goals

  1. Yes, NetGalley is a double edged sword;-) It’s SO hard to resist, especially since their site is so beautiful and they really feature the book covers in such a way that it’s like being in a candy store! Edelweiss is not nearly as well done, so I rarely request books there. I am also trying to stop requesting so much, but it’s hard!! Good luck with your goals, Maryam!


  2. Great goals!
    I feel your pain about netgalley. I had to quit last year because the pressure to read and review is incredible and I just wasn’t enjoying books that I should have. And I like to review 🙂 So I hope you can cut back and enjoy your reads more.

    And definitely more posting! We followers like more postings 😀

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  3. I really need to work on #3. My OCD tendencies cause an irrational aversion to DNFing, even though I know that life is too short to keep reading bad books. Every year I resolve to stop forcing myself to continue even when I’m not enjoying myself anymore, but the habit is hard to break 🙂


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