2017 Anticipated Releases – January

I was planning on doing a big post on my most anticipated releases of the year but since this list contained more than fifty titles, I decided that it would be easier to do monthly post. I don’t know about you but I think that some really interesting titles are coming out this month, I already pre-ordered a couple of them and I can’t wait to read them, I won’t manage to read all of them this month but I am definitely intrigued and I decided to share what sounds like the most interesting books (and anthologies!).


The Bear and the NightingaleKatherine Arden (January 10, Del Rey)

This book sounds amazing, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so far and I can’t say I’m not intrigued. It sounds like it is a really interesting Russian folklore inspired fantasy book and it does give me Uprooted vibes. It’s definitely a book I want to give a try to this year!

BookburnersMax Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty, & Brian Francis Slattery (January 10, Saga Press)

This is a bind-up of the first season of a serialized series released on SerialBox. It follows a crew of spies that protect the world from dangerous magic books and how cool does it sound ?

Dusk or Dark or Dawn or DaySeanan McGuire (January 10, Tor.com Publishing)

I already preordered this one since I really enjoyed Every Heart a Doorway, McGuire’s first Tor.Com novella. I don’t really know what this one is actually about except that it might be following either ghosts or characters that should be dead but aren’t ? I know it’s vague but it’s enough for me to give it try! 😉

Crossroads of CanopyThoraiya Dyer (January 31, Tor Books)

This seems to have a really interesting worldbuilding and it has been receiving a ton of good buzz recently. Also, the cover is gorgeous and it’s always good!


Science Fiction

Galactic EmpiresNeil Clarke, editor (January 17, Night Shade)

As much as I don’t always enjoy Clarkesword Magazine stories (also edited by Clarke) I have to say that the concept of the anthology has me very interested. All the stories here are based on Galactic Empires and after watching (and loving!) Rogue One  and rewatching the other Star Wars movies, I am really in the mood for some of those stories. Also, the author line-up in this anthology is pretty amazing, Aliette de Bodard, Ann Leckie, Yoon Ha lee etc… I’m sold

The Fortress at the End of TimeJoe M. McDermott (January 17, Tor.com Publishing)

This story follows a clone working in a remote listening station and that’s about all I know on this title. All the reviews I read mentionned that this was very dark and thought-provocking read and that’s enough for me!

Martians AbroadCarrie Vaughn (January 17, Tor Books)

This YA sci-fi novel sounds like a lot of fun, it follows two siblings that used to live on Mars until their mother send them studying to… Earth. Of course, weird things are happening on Earth and our two protagonists need to save the day!

DreadnoughtApril Daniels (January 24, Diversion Books)

Another YA novel, surprising for me right? It follows a transgender girl who suddenly becomes a superhero. Her abilities change her body to what she wants it to be, however, she never actually told her family that she wanted to be a girl and now she doesn’t really have a chance to. It sounds like an incredibly original story to me and since I preordered it, I will get to it asap!

Aftermath: Empire’s End – Chuck Wending

Did I mention that I was in the mood for everything Star Wars related? I read the second installement in this trilogy last month and since it was pleasantly better that the first book, Aftermath, I am looking forward to see how it’s going to end.

Six WakesMur Lafferty (January 31, Orbit)

This book sounds both creepy and thrilling, it follows a ressurected crew that was previously murdered on a lone spaceship, they don’t have any memory left, they don’t even know what was their mission but they are alone in space. Another highy praised book and one I can’t wait to read!

Binti: HomeNnedi Okorafor (January 31, Tor.com Publishing)

Another preorder for me. I had issues with Binti but I have come to really enjoy Okorafor’s works this past year and I want to give this novella series another chance.


What are some of your most anticipated releases of this year? Did you have the chance to read any of the titles I mentionned? 🙂



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