2018 Goals

New year usually means new resolutions! I am not gonna lie, I’m pretty terrible at actually accomplishing them but they are fun to make anyway so…


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I mostly failed last years resolutions because 1) I wasn’t a consistent blogger at all 2)I didn’t keep track of my short story reading because it was almost inexistant in 2017. However, I didn’t request too many books from Netgalley, I DNF’d a bit more and I didn’t buy too much physical books. So everything isn’t a complete failure!

To continue the tradition, here are some bookish goals for 2018!

  • Read at least 52 books

This one is pretty easy as it means reading a book a week which is completely doable. I didn’t read as much as I wanted in 2017 but I realized that I don’t want to put pressure on myself this year. 52 books is way more than what the average anyway! If I read more, that’s good, otherwise, it isn’t really a big deal. Who cares how much I read anyway?

  • Read more than 2 non-fiction books

99.99% of my reading is fiction and I would really like to branch out more in the realm of non fiction. I read two last year and they were absolutely amazing so I want to read more than two this year. I do have a couple of them on my Kindle already so that shouldn’t be too difficult!

  • Read more literary fiction

Same as non-fiction, I don’t read a lot of literary fiction even if I seem to be really enjoying it. I don’t have a set number in mind but I just want to read a couple more than last year. I know it’s vague but, I’m not good with constraints 😛

  • Not fall into the hype of a new release

I read a good number of 2017 releases last year which was fun but I neglected a bit my backlist reading. I have a ton of older books on my Kindle that I am drawn too but I was too excited for new releases to give them a try. So less new releases and more backlist!


So as you can see, my goals are pretty achievable! As for non-bookish goals, I only have two of them and those I really have to accomplish:

  • Pass my driver license test
  • Finish my undergraduate years and start biological engineering studies. (The French system is pretty different from other education systems so I hope it makes sense because I don’t really know how to translate it otherwise)

Those goals really matter to me, the other ones are for fun!


What are some of goals for 2018? 🙂

15 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. It’s a good idea to start with what looks like a doable reading goal: there is nothing worse than putting pressure on ourselves, because IMHO this takes the fun out of the reading process. And if we can’t have fun with books, we sort of the defy the purpose of reading, don’t we? 🙂
    Here’s to a great 2018 – for *everything*!

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    1. Thanks! 😀 I actually don’t care that much if I succeed or not because I just do them for fun! If I was really attempting them very seriously then I would probably not write them down which is a bit weird haha (just so that no one can see if I failed or not :p)


  2. My goal would be to write more reviews but ALSO to stress less about posting reviews because I don’t want to start stressing about things that are book related haha!

    I wish you all the best for 2018 and your goals! I’m with you for the backlist, so many 2017 titles I still want to read!
    (omg good luck for the driver licence! I need to do that too one of these days…)

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    1. Same here, in 2017 I wanted to review everything and it ended up completely stressing me out so I hope 2018 will be a bit more chill!
      Thanks!! And for the driver’s license well, I hope I will be able to finally have it, I already failed the test once and driving really isn’t my cup of tea haha, it is so easy for most people though 😥


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