October Recap & Sci-Fi Month 2018 Plans | #RRSciFiMonth

Well I haven’t done this kind of post in a long time! As you may have noticed by my irregular schedule, 2018 wasn’t really the year of blogging. It’s mostly due to college and not having the time to read at all. In September I read the astounding number of zero books so that explains a bit why I’ve been so absent.

However, October was a much better month because I managed to go back to my usual routine after a couple of weeks where I was trying to get used to my new semester. I managed to finish a couple of books and write a couple of reviews and, even if it’s not as much as I wanted, it’s still better than nothing!

November is mid-term exams month so I won’t be too active but I’ll try my best to still post because it’s Sci-Fi Month and I love this event.

If you’re new to Sci-Fi month, it’s an annual event hosted by Imryil and Lisa where a lot of wonderful bloggers celebrate science fiction by reading of bunch of SF books, reviewing sci-fi movies, games, shows and all of that good stuff! It’s a lot of fun and if you want to follow updates and Sci-Fi Month posts, I highly recommend following  both @SciFiMonth and #RRSciFiMonth on Twitter!


Books Read in October

  • Naamah’s Curse by Jacqueline Carey ★★★ 1/2
  • Mecha Samurai Empire by Peter Tieryas ★★★ 1/2
  • Clarkesworld #143 edited by Neil Clarke ★★★ (Goodreads review)
  • Unholy Land by Lavie Tidhar ★★★★★


Favorite Book


First of all, let’s appreciate the beauty of this cover: it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Unholy Land is by far my favorite book of the month and one of the strongest contender for the best book I read this year. It’s beautifully written, extremely clever and the story is fascinating and weird. My review will go up before the end of the week but I already raved about this book quite a bit on Twitter (Shameless plug: you can follow me @thesffreader).



Sci-Fi Month TBR

I usually have a giant Sci-Fi Month TBR and then completely fail at reading anything on it because I’m too overwhelmed. This time I tried to be very raisonable and only put books that, really, I should have read eons ago. So here are the things I want to read:

  • Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
  • The Three Body Problems by Liu Cixin
  • Clarkesworld #144
  • Clarkesworld #145


And yeah, I’ve put Ancillary Justice in a million TBRs before and I never read it but this time, I’ll do it. I don’t know what my problem is with this book, it sounds fascinating but I always forget about it.


Are you participating in Sci-Fi Month? If so, what do you plan on reading/watching during November?


Have a great month! If you are particiating in NaNoWriMo, good luck to you!





17 thoughts on “October Recap & Sci-Fi Month 2018 Plans | #RRSciFiMonth

    1. I LOVED it, I know I would probably like it but I didn’t expect it to be that good. It’s a short one but it packs a punch: the prose, the plot and the themes explored were fascinating! If I don’t procrastinate to much, my review should go up on Sunday (it’s written but it needs edits, it’s hard not to gush too much haha).
      I cannot wait to see your review! 😀


  1. Glad to hear things are a bit more manageable again – and very glad you’re along for the SciFiMonth ride 🙂 I’m also going to have to go check out Unholy Land based on your comments – we’ve confirmed we’re doing Subjective Chaos again next year, so if this is one of the best books of 2018 I better make damn sure I read it asap!

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  2. I can relate to you when you say you had Ancillary Justice in a million TBRs. I had it on multiple TBRs too and still havent read it. The same goes for Three Body Problem which is on this month’s TBR too but I don’t think I will have time to get to it again! 😦

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