#MakeYourMythTaker Readathon TBR

Make Your Myth Taker is a readathon hosted by Ashleigh over at A Frolic Through Fiction and Charlotte. The aim of this readathon is to complete different reading challenges in a given order to become a specific character.

They are a lot of characters options so, I highly recommend checking out Ashleigh’s video where she describes all the rules and prompts. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of characters that I could choose from. However, in my Get To Know the Fantasy Reader Tag post, I mentioned that I would love to be a spy in a fantastical world. To be honest, I would probably suck at it but, a girl can dream!

So, this month, I’m going to do my best to turn myself into a Royal Spy as a part of the Royal Court:

Court Tree

My Make Your Myth Taker TBR

I have heard mixed things about this book, I feel like people either love or hate it so, I want to see where I stand with this one. Also, it’s about lesbian necromancers in space…? Sign me up!

The Ascent to Godhood is the 4th and final (?) book in JY Yang’s Tensorate series. I really liked the first three novellas so I’m excited about this one. Also it has gold and red on the cover and a throne. It fits the Royal Court perfectly.

  • Secret pick:Β  ….

If I told you, it would defeat the purpose! However, here’s a hint: it’s the first book in a popular fantasy trilogy set in Cairo. The hint is basically the book, I guess I would really make a terrible royal spy haha.

  • Underhyped: Coil by Ren Warom

I’ve bought 3 copies of this book in year and I still haven’t read it… I pre-ordered the ebook last year and then I bought a bundle of all the 2019 Apex Releases and then I got yet another copy by buying The Best of British SFF Bundle by StoryBundle. I really hope I will like this book! πŸ˜‚ At least, with less than 20 ratings on Goodreads, it definitely fits the underhyped prompt.

I’m really excited to participate in this readathon! Are you participating in any readathons/book challenges this month? πŸ˜€

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