Mid-Month Reading Update | June 2020

My favorite posts to write are my monthly updates, I love talking about what I have finished and what I am currently reading. Last month I did a mid-month update for Wyrd and Wonder and I really enjoyed writing it. Who knew one could make several recap posts in a month? Life is full of wonderful opportunities to talk about books in various ways! 😀  Anyway, all this ramble to say that, I will now probably regularly write mid-month updates because they are very fun for me (and I hope, not too boring for you!).

Compared to last month, June is going by very slowly and I feel like I’m not reading that much. It’s probably because I am traveling less and studying more 😥 Still, I have finished 5 books so that’s pretty good. To be fair, I probably feel like I didn’t read that much because of Gideon The Ninth by Tamsyn Muir.


It took me ten days to read because the writing style just didn’t work that well for me. Some parts were interesting enough but, wow, it needed to be edited down A LOT. I will probably give the sequel a try because it follows another character that I like way more than Gideon but still, it was a struggle. Maybe I felt that way because I read a lot of short stories where every word matter and… well, it wasn’t the case in Gideon. Some sentences just didn’t make sense. I had to re-read them several times to understand what Muir was trying to say:

“Others, including the man-hulk Protesilaus, bothered not at all. Gideon’s tension grew with each name”

Gideon The Ninth – Tamsyn Muir

What does this even mean? Why can’t the words be placed in the right order? I feel like Muir overly complicated her sentences for fun. It’s not like it makes the prose nicer, it just makes it awkward.

The other things I read were: Hexarchate Stories by Yoon Ha Lee, a great little collection of short stories following the characters of Ninefox Gambit, Interzone #272, an average issue of Interzone which means that it wasn’t bad nor great, The Ascent to Godhood by JY Yang, a lovely, lovely last installment in the Tensore saga (I gave it five stars, I really loved it)  and The Deal by Elle Kennedy, a pretty bad romance novel.

You were thinking I was only going to rant about Gideon? Nop, I’ve read worst this month.

Rant mode activated

Okay, I don’t read a lot of romance novels but I have to say that they make great palate cleanser and I really needed that after reading Gideon the Ninth. I was feeling a reading slump coming and usually, a cheesy romance is a great way to kill them quickly.

I first read The Deal 5 years ago and I remember enjoying it a lot. So much so that I wanted to read it again. Well, I don’t know what 18 years old me was thinking but, 23 years old me didn’t enjoy this book at all. The main female character was a judgmental a-hole who thought every sex-positive woman she encountered was a slut. The main male character wasn’t much better, he only saw women as sexual objects and he was utterly confused when he first realized he could have a good time with a woman without having sex with her. Incredible. You can like, talk to women and stuff? Who knew? What a fascinating new concept!

“There’s a female in my bedroom and neither of us is naked. It’s strange. But kinda nice”

The Deal – Elle Kennedy

… Yeah.

I gave it two stars because some parts were so bad, they made me laugh. Next time I want to read a good romance, I will just re-read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne again.

Rant-mode over

Anyway, yesterday I started my secret read for the Make Your Mythtaker Readathon and so far, I’m enjoying it. It’s almost 600 pages but since it’s YA, I feel like I should be able to read it pretty quickly. I don’t know if I’ll manage to read all the books on my June TBR but that’s okay, the books won’t disappear at the end of the month!

How’s your month so far? What are the best and worst thing you read in June? If you need to rant about something, please do, it’s very liberating haha.

8 thoughts on “Mid-Month Reading Update | June 2020

  1. What a difference a few years make! (just to mis-quote an old song…) 😀
    But it’s true that as the years go by, and we get some more books under our virtual belt, our tastes and the critical way we look at stories evolve with us, so it’s to be expected that a novel we might have enjoyed in our teens makes us roll our eyes in annoyance just a few years later…

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