Kushiel’s Dart Read-along: Week 6

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The wonderful hosts of Wyrd and Wonder decided to host a read-along of Kushiel’s Dart, the first installment in the Kushiel universe.

ll the details regarding the reading schedule and the questions can be find on the Goodreads group page. The fifth week of the read-along is hosted by Lisa from Dear Geek Place and it covers chapter 80 to the end.

Warning: this post will contain spoilers!

Phèdre risks everything yet again on a chance to finish what she started, and keep her word to Ysandre. Joscelin does the same trying to thwart Selig, if not stop him. What were your thoughts about their last confrontation with the Skaldi warlord, and what it means for their relationship?

Phèdre is one of my favorite characters but she has a tendency to always be ready to sacrifice herself… I’m pretty certain she could have found another way to warn the soldiers that was less dangerous. But still, the scene where Selig tortured her was horrifying, I can’t forget that he was basically peeling her skin off in front of everybody else…

And Joscelin almost killed himself and Phèdre in order to keep his oath and she was grateful for it. :O This moment was i n t e n s e, I mean what could go wrong between them in the future with this kind of relationship…

Isidore d’Aiglemort turns out to be the hero that Terre D’Ange needs, if not the one they want. Do you think Phèdre made the right call, making him that offer? What do you think of his final act, and the reasons that drive him to it? Is he a hero, or was he ultimately still only a tool in the hands of others?

I think Phèdre knows how to read people and that she made the right call again with Isidore. Yes, he betrayed the Crown but he repented and he took his revenge which allowed him to die in peace with himself. He died to protect his honor but also for Terre d’Ange and, in the end, it’s what is important!

In a way, he was a tool the entire time but at least, he chose to be a sword and to protect his country.

Melisande faces the consequences of her actions, though it seems her ‘deep game’ is not over. Do you think she was prepared for her plan to fail, or was she seizing any opportunity to save herself with that escape? What are your thoughts on her after her last conversation with Phèdre?

I don’t think she knew that her plan would fail but Melisande being Melisande, she always has a plan B (and possibly C and D) in case of emergencies. I’m not surprised she managed to get away, it would have been too easy and almost disappointing if it had been the end of her now.

Her last conversation with Phèdre was fascinating, Melisande is such a complex character and even if she’s definitely a villain, I can’t help but to admire her. She’s so clever and interesting to read about. I also wonder how Phèdre would have turned out if Melisande had bought her marque…

Finally, everyone gets a chance to rest and recover, and Phèdre is richly rewarded for her deeds – in a few senses. How do you feel about her (double-edged) Happily Ever After with Joscelin? And do you think she’s doing the right thing, choosing to find the traitor who freed Melisande in her own way?

I don’t know how I feel about her relationship with Joscelin at the end of the book. They are both living as peacefully as they can in Montrève yet, a lot of things need to be said between them. Phèdre is Kushiel’s Dart and Namaah’s servant, she will never be able to settle in the middle of the countryside forever and Joscelin knows it. However, while their relationship isn’t going to be easy, especially for Joscelin, I can’t help but to root for them.

And as always, please do share any other thoughts you had on this finale! Were there any particular moments that stood out for you?

What a great book, I forgot how epic it was. This book has everything: an intricate worldbuilding, fascinating political intrigues, a swoon worthy romance, epic battles and bloody betrayals!

The moment that stood out the most to me was the death of Delaunay and Alcuin because it completely shifted the tone and scope of the story.

I am glad I joined in this read-along, it was so interesting to read about everyone’s opinions! 😀

12 thoughts on “Kushiel’s Dart Read-along: Week 6

  1. Everytime someone says Isidore is a tool I snigger (I’m that childish!) 😄
    I can’t imagine an easy future for Phedre and Joscelin either, but I can’t wait to read more. And yes! how disappointing it would have been if Melisande had just died at the end of book one! She troubles me greatly, but I still want to read more about her too!

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  2. Yes, I agree that the loss of Anafiel and Alcuin is where the story shifts becoming much more serious. The stakes in teh game certainly got higher with that one act.
    Yep, Isadore was a tool and I think once he realized that he was being used as such by Melisande and Selig, he decided he didn’t want to be their tool any longer. I’m glad Phedre was able to give him a better choice in that moment otherwise who knows where he would have ended up causing who knows how much damage.
    Thanks for joining all of us on the readalong. It’s been pretty darn cool sharing this book with so many other book nerds.

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  3. Hah, yes, Phedre’s number one plan is always ‘how can I sacrifice myself’ whether it’s through sex or just….throwing herself in front of someone or whatever. It’s funny because she’s got a great strategic mind but this is always her plan lmao.

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