Mid-Month Reading Update | December 2020

Hello everyone, I hope your month of December is going well! There are only a few weeks left in 2020, the apocalypse is almost over!

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So far, December is going pretty well for me. I have two big projects due at the end of the month and, because of one of them, I have to spend my life at the lab. However, I think I should still be able to finish some projects early, which means that, for the first time in 5 years, I’ll have some actual time-off at the end of the month! Usually I have a week-off during the Christmas holidays but I have to work on projects and prepare my finals but, it shouldn’t be the case this year. (hopefully!)

I hope it also means that I will have some extra reading time because I just want to relax, drink some tea and read.

Books I have read so far this month

I have read four books in the first half of the month and three of them were on my TBR. I doubt I will have the time to read everything I wanted to read but, oh well, I rarely do anyway.

The Rosewater Insurrection is the second book in the Wormwood trilogy, I loved Rosewater so I was very excited for the sequel. And, I liked it even if it wasn’t exactly what I expected after the ending of Rosewater.

I really enjoyed learning more about the world and the aliens but, I felt like this book was missing something. Also, some scenes were so confusing that I found myself skimming some parts because I couldn’t follow what was going on. However, even if it didn’t blow me away like the first book, I still liked it and I will definitely read the final book Rosewater Redemption because I’m curious to see how Tade Thompson is going to wrap-up the trilogy.

Then I read Semiosis by Sue Burke, a novel following human colonists as they settle on a new planet called Pax and try to start over by erasing all the things they disliked about Earth.

I liked the themes, the worldbuilding and how original the aliens were. However, I did struggle a bit with the pacing was odd and I almost DNF’d the book because of a rape scene that was completely uncalled for. It really made me angry and I don’t understand what it there. It really soured my reading experience.

After that, I picked up The Wall by Gautam Bhatia, a book set in a city surrounded by a giant wall. This wall has been standing for thousands of years and, when a group of young adults decide that they don’t want to be confined by it, they discover that every single power in the city tries to stop them.

I really liked the writing and the atmosphere of this book! The world was also very interesting and it was fun to figure out how the city worked. I read this story as a fantasy one but, some hints make me think that it’s a science fiction story in disguise… In any case, it had a good time reading it and it was a very solid debut. I will write a more detailed review of this book later this month.

Finally, I re-read one of my favorites read of 2019: This is How You Lose the Time War by Amar El Mohtar and Max Gladstone. I have been wanting to read this again for weeks now and when I saw it was available on Scribd, I decided to listen to it.

I absolutely love this book. I wish I could be that book. I wish I could eat and drink it. I want to absorb every single word and commit them to memory. It’s just *that* good, you know?

This story made me laugh, it broke my heart and then put the pieces back together. I also cried THREE times. I can’t say I understand everything that is happening in the story but, I don’t care. It’s the best love story I have ever read and I will very probably re-read every single year from now.

I want to meet you in every place I have loved. I don’t know how it’s done between such as us, Red. But I can’t wait to find out together.

This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amar El Mohtar & Max Gladstone

What I’m reading now

I’m currently reading Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky, the sequel to Children of Time, a book that I read and loved back in 2016. Children of Ruin was on my list of books to read in 2020 and I was super excited to read it until I read and disliked Cage of Souls, another book by the author, a few months ago.

However, so far at least, Children of Ruin has a lot more similarities with Children of Time than Cage of Souls! 😀 I’m only 10% into the book but I’m enjoying it quite a bit and I like the fact that the aliens are genetically modified octopuses!

What will I read next?

I’m currently in the mood for some short fiction, I have been compiling all the stories I have read this year for upcoming posts and, I have realized that I have been neglecting short fiction lately. I have a ton of issues of Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Interzone, Uncanny and Apex Magazine on my back log so… it’s not like I’m lacking options.

That’s it for me today! How is your month of December so far? What’s your favorite read so far?

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