Top Ten 2021 Fantasy Books I’m Excited to Read

During Sci-Fi Month, I put together a list of ten 2021 science fiction I can’t wait to read so… it’s now the time for the Fantasy edition! As usual, it’s not an exhaustive list, I didn’t mention all the books I have on my reading radar and most of the books mentioned here are coming out in the first half of the year (since I don’t have a lot of information regarding later releases!).

The books are organized according to their release date and those dates are subject to change.


On Fragile Waves by E. Lily Yu – February 2nd 2021 – Erewhon

49151032. sy475

I have read and enjoyed a couple of short stories by the author so, when I heard about her debut novel, I was immediately intrigued.

On Fragile Waves follows two children as they escape from the war in Afghanistan and try to reach Australia. It looks like this book has a lot of magical realism elements and that it is a heartbreaking story about immigration and escaping war. I can’t wait to read it, I’m sure the prose is going to be beautiful!

Do I have an ARC? Yes!

Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard – February 9th 2021 –

53317495. sy475

I usually love Aliette de Bodard’s short stories but her longer works are not always my cup of tea (I didn’t like The House of Shattered Wings and I didn’t find In the Vanisher’s Palace very memorable). However, I really want to enjoy one of her longer work since I usually like her ideas.

In theory, I should enjoy Fireheart Tiger because it has a lot of elements I am looking for when reading a story: a cool fantastical setting, a queer romance and lots of politics. I really hope it’s going to be a case of third time’s the charm.

Do I have an ARC? Nop.

A Broken Darkness by Premee Mohamed – March 2nd 2021 – Solaris


I really liked Beneath the Rising, the first book in the series of the same name, so I’m looking forward to the next adventures of Nick and Johnny, two teenagers who have the bad habit of calling upon evil gods living in other dimensions while trying to save the world.

Beneath the Rising was a ton of fun and even though I don’t think it needed a sequel (the story stands well on its own), I’m curious to see where Premee Mohamed will take us in the sequel

Do I have an ARC? No, but I will probably just pre-order it! 😀

Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon – May 4th 2021 – MCD


I am currently listening to The Deep by Rivers Solomon and it’s an amazing story. The writing is gorgeous and it discusses trauma, mental health and history in a fascinating way. I have heard amazing things about their work since the release An Unkindness of Ghost and, if The Deep is a good example of their writing, I’m pretty sure I have found a new favorite author!

I usually like to go into books blind so I only know that Sorrowland is a blend of fantasy and horror following a mother who tries to protect her children. I have very high expectations about this one!

Do I have an ARC? Yes!!

The Chosen and The Beautiful by Nghi Vo – June 1st 2021 –

54102719. sy475

I already have two novellas by the author on my TBR, The Empress of Salt and Fortune and When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain but, since I’m a very greedy reader with the bad habit of buying a lot of books by one author before reading any of their works (oupsi!), I’m very excited for The Chosen and the Beautiful!

I first heard about it on JonBob’s blog Parsecs & Parchment, he described the book as a ” fantasy reimagining of The Great Gatsby in a world of infernal pacts and dazzling illusions, lost ghosts and elemental mysteries”. And oh my gosh, what an amazing description!! Of course, I want to read it! (And if you are not already following Parsecs & Parchment, you should! Just be careful because you are going to want to buy and read ALL the books… 😉 )

Do I have an ARC? No, but it’s so gorgeous I want to buy a pretty copy for myself hehe…

The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri – June 10th 2021 – Orbit

50523477. sy475

The Jasmine Throne is another case of “I have previous books by the author on my TBR but I obviously need all the books so I want this one as well”.

It’s the first book in a new fantasy trilogy set in an Indian-inspired world. It follows a captive princess and her maid as they try to save the empire from the princess’s brother who has illegally seized power. The synopsis isn’t very original but I’m intrigued by the setting and I have heard nothing but amazing things about Tasha Suri!

Do I have an ARC? Nop.

The Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison – June 22nd 2021 by Tor Books

41302953. sy475

The long-awaited sequel to The Goblin Empire is finally here!! The Goblin Empire is a heartwarming fantasy book following an adorable main character, Maia, who is just trying to do his best at ruling the Empire after the death of the Empire and all the other heirs.

I’m pretty sure The Witness for the Dead doesn’t follow the same character but I still excited to read it because it’s set in the same world! 😀

Do I have an ARC? No.

The Empire’s Ruin by Brian Staveley – July 6th 2021 – Tor Books


The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne is a trilogy that I enjoyed quite a bit when I read it so, I’m excited to read Staveley’s new series set in the same world.

I burnt myself out on grimdark fantasy in 2016-2017 so I had to take a pretty long break from this subgenre – which is why I still have yet to read Skullsworn, a standalone set in the world of The Emperor’s Blade. However, hearing about this new series reminded about this cool world of giant ravens, politics and kickass characters so I will probably pick up Skullsworn soon (and then read The Empire’s Ruin when it comes out).

Do I have an ARC? No (and I should read Skullsworn before trying to request one LOL)

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan – July 20th 2021 – Tor Books

48727813. sy475

I usually try to ignore book blurbs but this book is described as “Mulan meets A Song of Achilles” and of course, it makes me want to read it. Mulan is by far my favorite Disney and I love the “girl pretending to be a boy” trope in fantasy (probably because of Mulan!).

It also helps that the cover of this book is absolute perfection and that the title is super cool. So, Mulan-blurb or not, I would have been excited about this book regardless!

Do I have an ARC? No but I have requested one, let’s pray to the Netgalley gods that it will be approved… (Please, pretty please)

The Veiled Throne by Ken Liu – November 2nd 2021 – Gallery / Saga Press



(Yes, I’m very excited for the last book in the Dandelion Dynasty trilogy).

I loved the first two books so I can’t wait for the conclusion. I will re-read The Grace of Kings and The Wall of Storms next year in preparation for it! The Veiled Throne is apparently going to be 1000+ pages but I can’t wait to be transported back into Liu’s world! 😀

Do I have an ARC? No.


That’s it for my list of 2021 Fantasy releases! What are the books you are the most excited to read next year? 😀

20 thoughts on “Top Ten 2021 Fantasy Books I’m Excited to Read

  1. The Parker-Chan caught my eyes – I‘m a bit sceptical because of the blurb but hope that it will be good. Maybe that’s a book to wait past the first review wave. But then again, my nervous Netgalley finger went on automatic mode 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was pushed back and pushed back but now that it finally has a release date, I’m over the moon!!
      The only thing is that I forgot 90% of what happened in the first two books so if I don’t read them again, I’m going to be very confused! You probably made the right move by not reading Wall of Storms right when it came out! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very excited for the Jasmine Throne and The Veiled Throne. Although I remember SO. LITTLE. about the Dandelion Dynasty books! And apparently it’s no longer a trilogy, there’s going to be at least one more book. So I guess we get to prepare for even more gian books in our future!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So excited for Fireheart Tiger! I’ve not actually read any of Aliette de Bodard’s novel length books but I’ve enjoyed every novella of hers that I’ve read. And obv super excited for Nghi Vo’s Gatsby book! Have you gotten round to reading The Empress of Salt and Fortune or When The Tiger Came Down The Mountain yet?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There looks to be some great titles here. Thank you for the recommendations. Tasha Suri’s Jasmine Throne is on my to read list. I would highly recommend her novel, Empire of Sand.

    Liked by 1 person

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