22 Books I want to Read in 2022

For the last two years, I posted lists of books I wanted to read during the year (20 books that I want to read in 2020 and 24 Books that I want to Read in 2021). So far, I haven’t managed to read all the books featured on those lists but they’re fun to make so, here I am at it again this year!

My goal with this type of challenge is to focus on reading books that I own and that I think I’m going to enjoy. I have a very odd habit of keeping books that I’m very excited for “for the perfect moment” and then… I don’t read them? Since starting this challenge two years ago, I’ve read a large number of books I loved and I think it’s much better to read them than to see them collect dust (okay, virtual dust as I read everything on a e-reader but still) for years.

I struggled to keep this list to 22 titles, in fact I took out 2 books a few days ago because 24 titles was a bit too many for me last year. I’m pretty sure I won’t read them all this year but I’ll try my best to read as many as possible! 😀

Without further ado, here are the titles I want to prioritize in 2022. I arbitrarily created two categories but some books of the first one could definitely fit in the second!

Series I want to start or continue in 2022

Planetfall was on my list of books to read in 2020 and I still haven’t picked it up even after enjoying After Atlas and loving Before Mars. I don’t know what’s wrong if me… 😩 I WILL read it this year!!

Backlist Books that have been haunting my TBR for yearS

What do you think about this selection? Do you have a similar list of backlist books to read in 2022? 

23 thoughts on “22 Books I want to Read in 2022

  1. I am guilty too! I hoard books and then wait for the perfect moment for them and then I let myself be distracted by all the others shiny books out there… But we will read them all!!
    And this is an interesting list!! There are some books in there that are on my radar too, and I hope to read Max Gladstone this year too!!

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