About me


My name is Maryam. As you may have noticed, I love speculative fiction but, most of all, I love reading and I try my best to share my love of books. If you want to see what I’m currently reading, you can follow me on Goodreads and on Twitter.

I try to read widely even if this blog is mainly focused on adult speculative fiction, I also love literary fiction and I sometimes read YA books and non-fiction.

I’m French, I learned English in school (but I have to say that reading books in English and a ton of TV shows when I was in high school helped a lot! :D). I try my best to correct the mistakes I make but sometimes, it’s not enough, I’m sorry about that!

I hope you’ll enjoy this little blog, I love to talk about books and it’s great to be able to do so with a lot of different people. 🙂

Thanks a lot for stopping by!



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