Review Policy

I’m open to review requests, I read both digital and physical ARCs but I have a preference for the digital format since I do most of my reading on my Kindle.

I only accept books if they fall in the following categories :

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy (except grimdark fantasy and paranormal romance)
  • Horror

I prefer adult fiction to YA books or non-fiction.

All my reviews are first posted on my blog and, a few days later, on Goodreads. I also share all my reviews on Twitter.

I try my best to review ARCs in a timely manner but I cannot always guarantee it. If the review needs to be posted within a certain time frame, please let me know.

All reviews are my honest opinion and I reserve the right to decline to review a book if I am too busy to read and review it close to the release date or if it doesn’t appeal to me.

Here is how I rate books :

  ★ ★  

I absolutely love the book, I highly recommend it to everyone and I gift copies of it to my friends and family. I can see myself reading numerous times in the future. I rarely give five stars to books (in 2018, only five books received this rating).

  ★ ★

 I really liked the book, it is very good and I also recommend it because I enjoyed it a lot.


 I liked the book, it was a good time or I enjoyed different aspects but it’s not a book I would necessarily recommend to everyone.


The book is just okay, I don’t hate it but it left me disappointed.


I almost never give this rating, I usually don’t even bother to finish the book. It means that I really don’t like it, I usually don’t bother to write a review except if the book made me angry because it was sexist, racist etc. In that case, the review will be very long and angry with a lot of quotes to explain exactly why I really disliked it.


If you want to contact me, please use the Contact Form.