T5W : Disappointing Eye Candy

Top 5 Wednesdays was created by gingerreadslainey and if you want to know a little bit more about them you can check the Goodreads group here.

This week’s topic is about books looked beautiful but that were pretty bad. I don’t buy books because of their cover so I don’t have lots of “disappointing eye candy” but I found five, so here they are :

WARNING : this post may or may not turn into a huge rant. Prepare yourself.

  • Dark Matters by Michael Dow


I have to say that the main reason I requested this from Netgalley was the cover. I don’t know what it is about that I like so much but I find it beautiful. However, even if the book wasn’t awful, I did not enjoy it… The plot was too conveniant and I didn’t especially like how women were portrayed. You can read my review here if you are interested.

  • Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes


Another case of “it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t good either”. The covers of all the books in the Falling Kingdoms are gorgeous but the story isn’t especially wonderful. I don’t think that it is a bad YA fantasy series but it is definitely not the best.

  • Air Awakens by Elise Kova


This is a case of “this book was awful, don’t let the cover tempt you”. I tried to read this this month and ugh, it was pretty bad. I DNF’d it toward the 75% mark because I couldn’t do it anymore. The main character is stupid, her love-interest (or should I say love-interestsince it’s a love-square) is completely schizophrenic, disrespectful and possessive and the story has no plot. DO NOT RECOMMEND. This is one of the worst YA fantasy I read in my entire life.

  • The Red Knight by Miles Cameron


Look at this cover. GOR-GEOUS.

It is one of my favorite cover of all time.

Well, the story did not live up to my expectations. The whole concept was pretty interesting but it was told from a ton of different POVs and because of that, I did not care for 95% of the characters. Also, at the beginning of the book, one of the main character (The Red Knight actually) almost rapes a girl and just after that he thinks “maybe I should have done it. I’m sure that she was faking her fear. I’m sure she liked it.”

This is not how it works buddy. Not. At. All.

Just after that I decided to read a couple of reviews of this book to see if other people had problems with how female were portrayed, however, a lot of them said that they love the fact that one of the soldiers was a woman (which is great) but also the fact that at the beginning of the book, the Red Knight could have raped a girl but that, because he’s such a great guy, he didn’t do it. Great right? He’s such a gentleman…

Sometimes, I am tired of human beings.

(As you ay have guessed, I also DNF’d this.)

  • The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan


Let’s keep the best for the last.

Look at this cover. Look at this title. Look at this blurb.

Awesome no ?

Well this book was my least favorite book of 2015. I am not even going to talk about this more than that. If you are interested by my thoughts and feelings (and I have a lot), you can read my review of it here.

If you are not convinced that this book is awful, I am going to leave you with this quote and I’ll let you decide by yourself.

“Rob would rather have sat beside a female. The Garden grew some lovely specimens.[…] Her age didn’t bother Rob; the older ones were more appreciative of his attentions, if not outright grateful for them”


What about you? Any disappointing eye candy?

Disclaimer: I am sorry if I mentionned books that you love but, hey, everyone’s opinions are different.


4 thoughts on “T5W : Disappointing Eye Candy

  1. I actually liked The Dinosaur Lords! Though in the portrayal of women, I think he was trying TOO much to be like Game of Thrones. I also enjoyed Falling Kingdoms – definitely not the best YA out there, but entertaining enough that I can’t seem to quit the series 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had other echues with Milan’s book but I’m still glad that you enjoyed 🙂
      As for Falling Kingdoms, I don’t think that it is a good series but it is incredibly addictive haha. I read the first three books and I do think that they get better. I have an ebook version of Frozen Tides so I will probably pick it up sometimes this year.


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