October Wrap-Up and November Reading Plans

October is finally over and November is now upon us (Sci-Fi Month yay!). October was great month reading-wise. I read some amazing books and discovered wonderful authors. Also, it was the first month in a while that I really got back into reading, August and September were very meh month in terms of reading, I had issues connecting with anything and I had trouble finishing books, however, now things are back to normal which is good! I haven’t read that many books this month but since some of them were pretty long and that I don’t have that much time to read, I’m very happy overall! 😀

Also, I am pretty happy with how some of the reviews I wrote turned out. I feel like the more I review books, the more I understand them  because I spend a lot of time thinking about them after reading. My blog is now a little over a year old and I’m so glad I started it, I think that it helped me a lot to improve my English (it’s far from perfect but I reread some of my older reviews and ugh, they are full of mistakes that I didn’t see at the time) but it also made me discover great blogs and great books! I know I’m not the most regular blogger but, I really love the process! Anyway, stop rambling Maryam, let’s talk about books!

Books/Anthologies Read


Favorite Read of the Month


I haven’t posted a review of it yet because I was waiting for Sci-Fi Month but I really loved it. I attempted to read Anathem several times this year and I couldn’t get into the story but I’m so glad I persevered. I now want to read everything written by Stephenson!

A Taste of Honey and Children of Earth and Sky were also pretty damn amazing so I have to make a little honorary mention for them! 😛




I read a quarter of this book before giving up, it was just way too weird for me, I like weird but I like to understand a bit what I’m reading too and it wasn’t the case at all with this book. I wasn’t the right person for this book, I’m sure it has its public (if you enjoy Jeffrey Ford you’ll probably love this) but it wasn’t my cup of tea.





Currently-Reading and November Reading Plans

November is Sci-Fi Month so I’ll be reading a ton of SF! At the moment, I’m reading Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel but I don’t know if I’ll end up finishing it. I am halfway through and I don’t especially care about the story at this point. The audiobook is very good though so I might continue on. I would also like to read Europe in Winter by Dave Hutchinson, I read the first chapter on a whim and it was pretty amazing! I would also like to read The Promise of the Child by Tom Toner, Faller by Will McIntosh, The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, A Closed and Common Orbit by Beckie Chambers, Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson, Revelations Space by Reynolds, Arkwright by Allen Steele. I know I won’t be able to read all of them but I would like to read as many of them as possible. Also, I kind of want to reread Seveneves. I don’t know, so many books !


How was your month? What books do you want to read this month? Are you participating in Sci-Fi Month? 🙂

Have a great month of November!

6 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up and November Reading Plans

  1. I love epistolary novels, but Sleeping Giants was a book where the format didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Maybe the author should have considered using a variety of documents instead of just interviews, because all the info dumping in the dialogue felt super awkward in turn making it hard for me to feel connected to the characters when they don’t even talk like normal real people. Hopefully the audiobook is better, since a lot of times awkward writing actually comes across more natural when you hear it spoken!

    I was going to read A Closed and Common Orbit this month too, but the sci-fi fantasy readalong group I was planning to read with decided to push the readalong back to December so I guess I’ll just have a wait a little longer 🙂


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